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How to Solve our Human Problems - Box Set

Made by Belle & Sebastian

Sold out

Harkening back to the band's 1997 release of three consecutive EPs (Dog On Wheels, Lazy Line Painter Jane, and 3.. 6.. 9 Seconds Of Light), Belle and Sebastian will release three new EPs under the umbrella title How To Solve Our Human Problems, with the first EP coming out on December 8th, the second on January 19th, and the third on February 16th.

This limited edition vinyl boxset contains copies of all three EPs as well as a poster of the band with images by photographer David Boni. The artwork features the many faces of the wonderful fans photographed by Stuart in London and a download card is included for a free digital copy of the collection.


3x12” box

Disc 1

  1. Sweet Dew Lee
  2. We Were Beautiful
  3. Fickle Season
  4. The Girl Doesn’t Get It
  5. Everything Is Now

Disc 2

  1. Show Me The Sun
  2. The Same Star
  3. I’ll Be Your Pilot
  4. Cornflakes
  5. A Plague On Other Boys

Disc 3

  1. Poor Boy
  2. Everything Is Now (Part Two)
  3. Too Many Tears
  4. There Is An Everlasting Song
  5. Best Friend