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Made by Gara


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Mist onto your face, neck, and chest after cleansing or whenever your skin needs a boost. GARA Skincare utilizes Miron violet glass for solar-infusions based on the lunar cycles, then distills each hydrosol in the traditional method using a copper alembic still. Created from local, sustainably harvested plants native to Southern California, this therapeutic hydrosol is an awakening treat for the senses. GARA creates their hydrosols seasonally. Each hydrosol carries a unique scent and beneficial properties.

Promotes feminine hormonal balance
Soothes poison oak, insect bites and rashes
Soothes sore muschles and joints
Encourages digestion
Clears respiratory pathways

Orange Blossom
Uplifts mood and balances mind
Eases symptoms of menopause and hormonal imbalance
Hydrates and tones the skin
Restores skin elasticity
Excellent choice for childhood meltdowns and tantrums
Evokes focus and concentration
Supports physical and emotional detoxification

Cedar Wood
Soothes insect bites
A scalp treatment for thinning hair
Adds shine to dry, damaged, or treated hair
Spray on hair to soften or de tangle
Spray directly on sore, achy joints, and arthritic areas
Calming aroma, grounded energy

Astringent, great for toning oily or acne prone skin
Tightens and tones the skin Lipolytic (helps to eliminate fat) and excess water retention
Activates detoxification
Eases excessive sweating
Soothing for itchy skin and scalp
Uplifts mood

Rose + Gardenia
Uplifts mood and calms the mind
Antioxidant rich
Calms and nourishes the skin microbiome
Balances the PH of the skin and scalp
Promotes healthy sleep cycles

Hummingbird Sage
Calms the mind
Evokes attention and focus
Cleansing for the skin
Traditionally used to sooth sore throats and colds
Uplifts mood and balances the mind

California Sagebrush
Evokes Pleasant memories
Calming and grounding
Eases PMS and hormone-imbalance symptoms
Repels insects and other pests
Traditionally used by the Chumash for pain/inflammation

A mental and physical energizer
A daily toner for normal to oily skin
Promotes shiny hair and healthy skin and scalp
Powerful antioxidant, internal and external
Combats sinus congestion
Helps ease seasonal allergy symptoms

Enhances personal relationships and bonding
Supports deep emotional connection
Energetic and floral, great for feminine balance
Balances oil production and hydration

Yerba Santa
Sweet taste - used by the Chumash for oral care
Refreshing and uplifting
Calming for mind and body
Soothes insect bites
Sacred herb for release and self awakening
Plant ally for grief work

Peppermint + Geranium
Great for acne - prone skin
Cleanses and tones the skin
Great for hormonally imbalanced skin
Uplifts mood
Bright and energetic yet balanced


1.7 ounces / 50 ml

100% undiluted hydrosol, less than 0.5% nanosilver