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Yame Cha Green Tea

Made by Golda

$24.00 – 56.00

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This tea comes from the Kuroki town in the city of Yame. Yame is known for producing some of Japan’s finest, competition-grade green tea. The plantation is located 450 meters above seat level at the highest point of Fukuoka prefecture. The guiding philosophy behind the farm is that the health of the soil is directly impacts the quality and flavor of the tea. In 2006, this was the first Japanese Tea to pass the European Commission's stringent maximum pesticide residue level of .01 and .05 parts per million. The climate of Kuroki, rich soil, and hand processing results in a well-balanced cup with a remarkably clean taste. Look for flavors of umami, melon, and flowers.

Green tea of this exceptional quality produces an intensely vibrant color in the cup. Additionally, the tea tastes great in food! Try incorporating the dry tea into your favorite Furikake (rice-seasoning blend,) or seasoning the used leaves with a soy sauce and folding into rice.


Made in Japan