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Yame Cha Green Tea

Made by Golda


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This tea comes from the Kuroki town in the city of Yame. Yame is known for producing some of Japan’s finest competition-grade green tea and has won 26 tea awards. Grown certified organic in Fukuoka, Japan since 1998, this exquisite green tea is grown, hand-picked and packaged with no pesticides (the first Japanese tea to pass the strict European Commission pesticide regulations). The result is a smooth, balanced cup of tea with a delicately nuanced flavor and an extremely high level of EGCG and antioxidizing polyphenols. The guiding philosophy behind its farming is that the health of the soil is directly related to the health of the tea and thus those who drink it. The climate of Kuroki, rich soil, and careful hand harvesting and processing of the leaves results in a well-balanced cup with a remarkably clean taste. Look for flavors of umami, melon, and flowers.


10 Tea bags