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Hinoki Essential Oil

Made by Hinoki Lab

$25.00 – 50.00

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For centuries the Japanese Cypress tree, known as Hinoki has been praised for its countless and precious uses. From building of ancient Japanese temples and shrines to its therapeutic aroma that helps to achieve a peaceful state of mind, sterilization and many other benefits.

Leaf - Carefully hand-picked steam-distilled Hinoki leaves essential oil, having a light lemony, green odour with refreshing Hinoki aroma, rich insesquiterpenes and diterpenes, consisting of unique diterpene – Hibaene. This scent is uplifting, cleansing, and comforting. The essential oil can be used to aid anxiety, inflammation, and immune support.

Trunk - Using fresh and sustainable wood for steam-distillation producing a dark reddish, brown, amber, viscous essential oil, having a spicy, woody odour, rich in sesquiterpenes, consisting of α-Cadinol having antifungal activity and inspiring deep relaxation.



Made in Japan