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Made by Kamawanu

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Made from 100% cotton and hand-dyed using the “chusen” technique, these traditional Japanese tenugui can be used in a variety of different ways -whether it be for wrapping, covering, in the kitchen, as accessories, or as interior decoration. The sky’s the limit with these versatile pieces! The cotton cloth gets even better with age and use, becoming softer with every wash. Tenugui are meant to be used in everyday life for many years.

See our Inspiration post on how to make a face mask with tenugui - no sewing required.


100% Cotton

Made in Japan

12 x 35 inches

Recommende Care

Machine wash cold and line dry. With each wash, it is inevitable that the dye will fade and the cloth will soften. This is a unique quality of the chusen dyeing technique. As is normal for tenugui towels, the edges are plainly cut and not hemmed which may fray.