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Modular Inlay Wrap Knit Kit

Made by Madelintosh

$174.00 – 215.00

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This garter stitch design is a graphic statement piece knit with fingering weight yarn. The fabric is knit from the center outward as you work one section at a time. Stitches are picked up from previous sections for an entirely seamless knit. The pattern is written for four colors or as many colors as you like! We put together some color combinations in either Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light or Woolfolk Sno and Tynd yarns. We also created a kit with Seacliff Fingering that gets pretty close to the Stephen's version by splitting skeins in half. If you want more colors, you can easily add in another skein or pop of scrap yarn. Our knit kits include the total amount of yarn required and the pattern, but lets you decide which color to use for each section. If you need needles, please add those to your purchase.

Kit Details

Kit includes:

1,900+ yards fingering weight yarn
Modular Inlay Wrap pattern by Stephen West

Color options:

Madelinetosh kits use Tosh Merino Light as either full skeins or mini Unicorn Tails; Woolfolk kits use Sno and Tynd. Sea Change Fiber kits use Seacliff Fingering skeins split in half.

Madelinetosh Carnival: 2 Kitten, 1 Star Scatter, 1 Mars In Retrograde, 1 Nassau Blue, 2 Unicorn Tails in Croquette Deux
Madelinetosh Coral Reef:
2 California Poppy, 1 Antique Lace, 1 Lark, 1 Circus, 2 Unicorn Tails in Nassau Blue
Madelinetosh Sandstone:
2 Lark, 1 Yoko, 1 Kitten, 1 Paper, 2 Unicorn Tails in Spooky Stars
Madelinetosh Big Sur Jade:
2 Jade, 1 Manatee, 1 Antique Lace, 1 Lark, 2 Unicorn Tails in Onyx
Woolfolk Cinnamon Spice:
Sno 00+27, 21+30, 21+22; Tynd 27, 30, 22, 00, 29, 21
Woolfolk Marine Layer:
Sno 01+15; Tynd 13, 05, 01, 11, 33, 14, 31
Woolfolk Newspaper:
2 Sno 01+02, 01+15; Tynd 05, 33, 24, 00, 15, 01
Sea Change Colorful:
1/2 Herbsaint, 1/2 Odette, 1/2 Kolsch, 1/2 Tilda, 1/2 Newsprint, 1/2 Dancing Queen, 1/2 Odile, 1/2 Rosebud, 1/2 Dragons Breath, 1/2 Rope Swing, 1/2 Redwood

Pattern info & things to know:

Finished size:
76 x 28 inches

20 sts x 36 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch after blocking

Suggested needles:
Needle size is suggested only, you will need to swatch to determine the needle size needed to achieve gauge.
Three pairs US 5 (3.75 mm) circular needles, 40 inch length

Approximately 1,900 yards fingering weight

Color A - 900 yards
Color B - 500 yards
Color C - 250 yards
Color D - 250 yards

Multi-color version:
Stephen used a variety of semi-solid and speckled fingering weight yarns for the multi-color sample. You need small yarn amounts for the first sections in the middle and larger amounts of yarn for the sections toward the edge. Most of the color A central sections require fewer than 100 yards per section. All triangle sections use fewer than 100 yards per section except the last big triangle sections on each tip of the wrap which require about 125 yards each. If you are making a multi-color version, gather a pile of colors with plenty of yardage to spare, so you have lots of color choosing options.