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Made by Noat


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Noat fragrances are hand blended in small batches from ethically sourced & sustainably harvested botanicals. Honoring the elegance & alchemy of ancient attars, each scent emerges from pure essential oils & absolutes.

Yugen: Stirred by the still depths of winter and the sacredness of tending to our animal body. Find nourishment through self-love and care, with soothing floral notes of ylang ylang that rest in a warm heart of rose and root in the earthy spices of sandalwood and patchouli.
Head: Ylang Ylang
Heart: Rose
Base: Sandalwood, Patchouli and Fossilized Amber

Anima: Inspired by the spice markets of Morocco. Layers of heady exotic aromas, ground themselves in the earthly warmth of vetiver, with a long lasting finish of sensuality given by the Persian amber attar.
Head: Nutmeg
Heart: Coriander, vanilla, allspice
Base: Vetiver, Persian amber attar

Magga: Made with three precious and sacred woods, redolent of grounded presence. Chants of warm palo santo awaken into a heart of lush rosewood and coriander, softening into a long lasting finish of sandalwood and Persian amber attar.
Head: Palo santo
Heart: Rosewood, coriander
Base: Sandalwood, Persian amber attar

Anadi: Created with reverence for lengthening light and new growth following the vernal equinox. Notes of bright fresh egyptain coriander leaf are carried on a spring breeze, sweeping through peppery citrus grasses of neroli and nestling in the resinous spices of tonka bean and cistus.
Head: Egyptian Coriander leaf
Heart: Neroli
Base: Cistus and Tonka Bean