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Sola Cube

Made by Sola Cube

$42.00 – 95.00

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By observing a small plant carefully, we are able to glimpse a more perfect world. We express the name “Sola” with the Chinese kanji 宙, which means “universe.” This kanji explains everything we know and don’t know, including time and space, with a single character. Sola also has another meaning: “blue sky.” An imaginary world spreads out like the sky before us.

Every Sola cube is carefully handmade by an experienced Japanese craftsman,and each one takes considerable time and effort to complete. Outstanding craftsmanship is required to ensure that this small transparent cube, which measures only 4cm, holds a plant at its very center and that no air bubbles get inside. These look amazing on top of our Wooden Warm Light Base or Wooden Stand.

Globe Amaranth: The pink segmentes that look like flower petals are actually leaves that protect the flowers, which appear as small heads peeking out
among the leaves. Botanical Essence Love

Japanese Walnut: The insides of the hard Japanese walnuts are squirrels and mice’s favorite, which carry the nuts to their dens and store them for food.
Most of the nuts would be eaten, but those that are forgotten would germinate in the spring. Botanical Essence Harmony

Karamatsu: The name came from the way its leaves are attached resembling a pine tree (matsu) in the Chinese-style painting(kara-e). Its pine cone will open itself when dried, allowing the seeds in between to fly far. Botanical essence Unwavering spirit

Nogurumi: Its spiny fruit has earned it the name “Fox’s comb” or “Monkey’s comb” in Japanese. The seeds come out from between the spines on the cones, and are carried away by the wind. Botanical essence Strength

Pokeweed: These poisonous inedible fruit appears to be similar to blueberries before it dries up. Be warned, its purplish red juice will
leave you with long lasting stain. Botanical essence Little witch

Shell Ginger: It is known as “moon peach” for the shape of the bud looks peach. The seed from dried open fruit is used for making medicine and herbal
tea. Botanical essence Careless caring

Statice: The part that looks like a flower is actually the developed calyx, and small white flower bloom inside. “Statice” is the Greek word for “stop,” coming from the root word “statizo.” It seems that it was once used as a kind of gastrointestinal medicine. Botanical essence The rain will stop

Yellow Fennel Flower: When the fruits of this flower dry, they split open, and the seedscome out. For many generations, these seeds have been used in the Muslim world as medicine, and in Europe to add aroma to sweets. Botanical essence Sweet temptation

American sweetgum: Notable because its leaves turn to beautiful colors in the fall. The thorn-covered cones are not single cones, but in fact many cones combined into one. In fall, the cones would dried up and open, then the seeds would come out. Botanical essence Loyalty

Immortelle: The “Immortelle” flower takes its name from the word “immortal”—meaning “everlasting.” “Helichrysum,” the scientific name of the plant, is derived from a combination of the Greek words “Helios (sun)” and “Chrysos (gold).” These small golden flowers are like the sun that never burns out. Botanical essence Everlasting sun

Strawflower: The flower petals are dry like straw, and make a rustling sound
when being touched. Strawflowers are native to Australia, where they are
thought to have evolved in such a way as to prevent moisture from being
easily lost on that very dry continent. Botanical essence Reliability


Designer: Koichi Yoshimura

Size: 1.6 in x 1.6 inches

Material: Acrylic resin, dried plant

Made in Japan