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Project ideas

Easy Baby Blanket

Posted on 05.19.2020

By Anna Nozaki

What could be simpler than sewing together two squares of fabric with thick binding on the edges? Choose 1 yard of any Merchant & Mills Jacquard Cotton and 1 yard of a gorgeous Liberty Fabric print and you are guaranteed to come out with a baby blanket that will be loved and well-used.

Materials Required

1 yard Merchant & Mills Cotton Jacquard or Cotton Jacquard Squares or Quilted Wobble Gauze

1 yard Liberty Fabric Tana Lawn

matching thread

To make the blanket, simply cut large, identical squares of both fabrics. You'll need to cut strips of the Liberty Fabric to use as the binding as well. We like the look of 1-inch binding, so your strips will need to be 1-3/4 inches wide to accommodate a 1/2-inch seam allowance on the outer edge and a 1-4 seam allowance on the inside edge.

Once you've cut your strips of Liberty binding, then press a 1/4 seam on one side.

With right sides facing together, pin your big squares of Jacquard Cotton and Liberty Fabric together. Sew all edges with a 1/2-inch seam allowance - but leave a 3-inch gap un-sewn (you will use that little hole to turn the squares out). Trim seams to 1/4-inch and clip corners - be careful to not cut your sewing. Now pull the fabric out through the gap so that the right sides are facing out. Wiggle the corners out and make them as sharp as possible. Press edges flat.

Pin your bias strips to the edges with right sides together so that they overlap with the Jacquard Cotton by 1/2-inch. The 1/4-inch folded edge you pressed earlier with being hanging off the edge of the blanket at this point. With the Liberty square facing up, sew along the very edge of one side at a time. You'll want to fold each bias edge over and press it into place before sewing the next edge.

Hand stitch the folded over bias edges with a simple whip stitch.