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Project ideas

No-Sew Tenugui Fabric Face Mask

Posted on 04.10.2020

By Anna Nozaki

Tenugui is a multi-purpose cotton cloth from Japan. It's one of those essential everyday objects that has so many uses you will soon find yourself always appreciating having one on hand. Tenugui are traditionally a long rectangle (35 x 90 centimeters) with selvedge edges on the long sides and cut edges on the short sides. The prints range from classic Japanese patterns to contemporary imagery. The Japanese use tenugui for many things: hand towel, head scarf, neck tie, baby swaddle, gift wrapping, cleaning rag, and yes, even a face mask! Tenugui become softer and more special with every wash. They are meant to last for a long time and be used in many ways.

To make a face mask with tenugui, all you need is:

  • 1 tenugui
  • 2 rubber bands or elastic hair bands

Watch this short video to see how...